Stack Social Features Our Online Course?

There are too many case studies related to online courses to list, but here's one of them.

In 2013, two digital marketing industry leaders, Jeremy Giaslason and Simon Hodgkinson reached out to Stephen to produce (which is a massive library of videos created to help web development companies to digital marketers create white labelled WordPress based video membership sites.  

Zoom forward.  One day Stephen emailed his customer specific email list about WordPress security and got a response from a guy named Mike educating him on the topic.  Little did Stephen know that Mike was the co-developer of WordPress itself.

Stephen asked if he could interview him on how to secure your WordPress site and share that with his customers.

He then took that interview and created a course on it to spread the word and help as many people as possible know how to secure their WordPress sites.  

Within a few months of uploading the course to a popular education site (U-demy), we did a lot of branding and then spent time setting up funnels.  About 4 months later, we had tested out funnels and they were converting.  It was then that we started to drive tons of clicks via our traffic sources.  The result? Thousands of students to the course.

As shown below, the company reached out.  They said that Stack Social, the largest daily deal site for designers and developers wanted to feature our course within a bundle of other security courses.  Check it out here.

While this course has been retired and rights were sold to it, Stephen has since created hundreds of courses ranging from digital marketing to WordPress since 2005.  So if you're looking to build your own online course, coaching, or consultant company and need to help creating a funnel that'll brand and convert prospects into sales (combined with the power of Facebook ads), go ahead and book a strategy call.  

Note:  We are looking for serious companies only, (No MLM's, resellers, affiliate marketers, make money, etc) and we are particular about who we do business with.   If you are a good fit - you may qualify for a Business and Facebook ad campaign audit ($1000 value) where Stephen or our qualified agents we'll review what you've done, and if we can help you.

Make sure to book a call.